If the Graham-Cassidy “healthcare bill” passes, folks with pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered, premiums for many throughout the country will go up, and coverage for millions of Americans will be eliminated. If that isn’t enough evidence for you, a senator who looks like Gary Busey’s slightly-less-drunk brother is one of the two guys who created it.

Make no bones about it: This is a political solution, not a policy solution. Republican politicians have been ranting for the past 7 years about repealing Obamacare (btw, Uncle Barry isn’t actually performing your cousin’s hernia surgery). And even though the option they’ve presented is a complete shit show compared to what we currently have, the point for these politicians isn’t about creating a better alternative for your family, it’s about saying they’ve done something — anything. This is the definition of selfishness. These politicians are about scoring short-term political points in the face of screwing millions of Americans. The craziest part is that polls, along with the opinion of your Great Aunt Helen who’s able to get her shingles medication for free, show Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) is pretty popular. Having life-saving medical bills covered without having to sleep on the sidewalk doesn’t suck.

One person with skin in the game is comedian Jimmy Kimmel, and he doesn’t hide it. I urge you to watch his monologue from last night’s show to laugh, learn, and heckle the shit out of Senator Bill Cassidy at 202-224-3121.